How 3M clear bra film works

  • Paint Protection Film has several names (PPF, clear bra, stone guard, chip guard etc.)

  • PPF is a thik (7mil) URETHANE film consisting of several layers

  • It is held on the surface by an adhesive layer (fully removable)

  • The life span for 3M PPF is around 8 years

It doesn't matter how you call it - stone guard, chip guard, clear bra or paint protection film (PPF), the idea is the same. We apply a layer of a thick visually clear film on top of the OEM car's paint to protect it from all kinds of scratches, chips, dents and dings. 

We use computerized cutting process to make sure the kit exactly fits the outlines of your vehicle for the best protection.

The idea of using urethane film for protection was first adopted by the US military where the helicopters needed extra layer of protection against dirt and ice buildup. Since then the clear protection film made a long way to become the most high tech type of clear film used in signage and automotive industries. In fact is consists of 3 to 5 different layers although visually it is absolutely transparent.

How durable is the clear bra? As durable as it gets. At Chip Protection we use only 3M Scotchgard and 3M Ventureshield products and these films are incredibly tough. In fact we have a video with the real time test of the clear protection film here. Did you know that all the Nascar series cars are covered with this film? Also did you know that 3M Scotchgard film pieces are installed on most new cars now and this film is considered the industry standard?

Paint protection film is normally applied to high stone chips risk areas of the car – hoods, bumpers, mirrors and fenders. Also there are other vulnerable spots that always can use protection – trunk ledge, door sills, door handle cups, rocker panels etc. Should you ask for it, the whole car can be covered but this is a pretty expensive option normally used only on supercars like Lamborghini or Ferrari. You can have a look at our most popular chip protection film packages here and here are some of the add-ons that we have.

3M stone guard films can be removed without any damage to OEM paint and don’t leave any adhesive residue unlike most competitors’ films. The film is covered by 7 years manufacturer’s warranty against cracking, bubbling and yellowing.

At Chip Protection we actually also give our own 1 year full warranty for every clear bra package installed at our shop.  

Many people ask why they wouldn’t just order a 3M precut kit and install it themselves. We strongly don’t recommend doing this. From many years of car wrapping experience I can say that applying clear bra is the most challenging film application ever and it certainly requires a professional to achieve great results. We were trained and certified by 3M and each of our installers has done from several hundreds to several thousands of vehicles. We install clear bra for several Toronto, Scarborough and Markham premium cars dealerships. If you want it done right, call us and you will get the best results for the most competitive price in the GTA.

CHIPPROTECTION.COM is a part of the Custom Wraps, a company specializing solely in car graphics and customization. We have the best equipment, amazing installers and very convenient shop located in Scarborough, ON. Clear bra installations can take anywhere from 1 hour to 10 hours and we’ve made everything to make it comfortable for ur clients either to wait or arrange the drop off and pick up of their cars. We are located near Kennedy and Elsemere, just 3 minutes’ walk from Midland subway station. We have a comfortable waiting area with a coffee station, Netflix and free WiFi.  

Don’t wait till you get a nasty chip or scratch on your car! Ask for a quote request today and let us take care of the clear bra installation for any vehicles in Toronto, Scarborough, Markham, Misssissauga, Durham and Peel regions

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