What makes 3M paint protection film the best

Scotchgard PRO

It is critical to use the right film for the clear bra paint protection on your car. Quite a few companies offer different products and compete in this market.

We keep it very simple and traditional when it comes to materials choice. We’ve started with 3M and we stick with their products Scotchgard and Ventureshield. A number of reasons for this.

  • 3M film is being installed in some parts of almost every new car coming from the factory. It is the industry standard and we like OEM. The logics is simple, if there is anything better out there, big car manufacturers certainly have more recourses to test it out and implement . If 3M works for them, it certainly works for us.
  • 3M film has the best adhesive from our personal experience. It doesn’t yellow, it is stronger than of competitor’s products, it doesn’t stay on the surface when the film is removed.
  • 3M back up their products with real warranty (7 years for Scotchgard and 5 years for Ventureshield).  While we’ve met a company that gives 10 years warranty on their product, it simply hasn’t been on the market long enough to prove that their film will last at least as long as 3M’s. 3M has outdoor and indoor testing facilities all over the world where they can perform real life and accelerated weathering tests to see how a product stands up to harsh conditions. We trust that.
  • 3M offers training and certification program for installers to make sure that an installer is ready to work with their particular product and he knows how to do it “by the book”. 

In short, with 3M products you are getting dependable, trusted performance for years to come.

What is the difference between Scotchgard and Ventureshield? The films are quite different. We use Scotchgard in 90% cases. Ventureshield is more conformable and we sometimes have no other option than to use it on bumpers. Ventureshield also has more clear appearance than Scotchgard. Scotchgard however has the strongest adhesive and offers the best protection. 

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